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SURPRISE is a show that airs Monday through Friday every evening from 7 to 8 PM on NTV.

Shige and Massu were on this show 08.24 (Monday) promoting 24 hour television.

But now the show lists we're also getting Koyama, Shige & Massu as guests on 08.28 (Friday)! It will be a 24 hour television promotion special. The show is collecting questions to be asked to Friday's guest on the official website so send something in if you have any good ideas! (Japanese language only)

Translation 24hr tv Ryopi part!

Just the translation of the clip from 24hrtv with Ryo and Yamapi!
Its not 100% Occurate i'm still learning Japanese so just to let you know
a bit what they are talking about Newshfan will probably sub this too.
But ahh well I was bored.
Here it is MF
Download the raw over here Here
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Mostly recap from previous special, but you can find there something new too!

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Screencaps for 24hrTV news clips

Massu in water
Pi in water
Shige with globe
Koyama with handsign
Tegoshi with Imoto
No ryo here because he has enough XD Gomenasai (>_<)

All HQ besides Tegoshis
Shige has a weird screencap, you cheer me up shige. haha

Preview sizes, the HQ ones are for dwwnld All 90+ screencaps.

Ended with Tegoshi's incredible pom pom hair
Massu is first )

Aug. 5th, 2009

Hi, I got an email from You & J recently and I was wondering if anybody knows exactly how this works?

NEWS 出演 「24時間テレビ」まもなく番組協力受付開始!!


 収録日 : 8月29日(土)・30日(日)※渋谷@JFCでの事前引換えあり

 収録場所: 東京

 集合・終了時間:未定 ※詳しい集合時間は当選者にお知らせ

 申込資格: 1組4名まで


◎番組協力についての問合せ: 0570-033-366 (平日11:00~18:00)

  \(^▽^) 沢山の方のご応募を、お待ちしております!! (^▽^)/

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24 hr tv poster

I saw this post on news_jpop and I really wanted a clearer version of the poster...

so I was bored enough to edit it with my photoshop imitation program (arcsoft's photoimpression 4 if you're curious) + MS paint xD

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Try to win ticket to filming of the 24TV

For people living in Japan, or if you can use japanese address - you can ballot anyway.

Information in Japanese is here: http://www.ntv.co.jp/24h/contents/kanran_oubo.html

Info in English:

All balloting is to be made via postcards, for things you need to fill in postcard - please see the site.
One person can ballot for 1 day only, so please choose 29 or 30 when you ballot.
1 postcard can be used for 2 people only.

Deadline for postcards is 7/24. Results will be sent by postcards to the people who were chosen only.

[INFO] 24hr TV Marathon Runner announced

It's Imouto Ayako :) Yes, the ItteQ Imouto :)
She's going to run 3-times marathon length - 126.533 km.

Upd: There's download link in the comments - please thank nanchant for it <3

24 Hour TV Products on sale

All the goodies went on sale this weekend at designated stores. I'm actually surprised at how reasonably priced everything is...T-shirts are only 1500¥. All the proceeds go to a worthy cause. (right click for larger images)

                           (photo credits: XQ)
If you're in TOKYO:    Two of several stores selling 24Hour TV merchandise:

Tokyo Station: Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi
1-9-1 Tokyo Eki Ichiban B1F

NTV Tower: Minato-ku Higashi Shinbashi
1-6-1 NTV (Nitere) Tower B1F/B2F

Tomorrow the runner for 24hr TV Marathon will be announced.

2009/07/05 19:58 ~ 2009/07/05 20:54 (日本テレビ)
Gコード 99090495
緊急生放送…今夜発表24時間テレビマラソンランナー▽珍獣イモト無謀パイロット挑戦▽宮川に最大試練…驚異の棒幅跳び祭り 内村光良 オセロ 手越祐也 ベッキー 宮川大輔
(Source: here)

Rough translation by chibi_news :

The beginning is just information about the show (like the channel it's on and time and stuff)
Then i think it says they'll be announcing the 24 hour TV marathon runner.
Then it says what imoto and miyagawa will be doing on the show, and Tegoshi's just mentioned because he's on the show. . i think thats all.